I recently read an in the latest edition, march 2014 ,of adi news.(page 6 Failing Success )

Over a 3 year period one female instructor in West Yorkshire has a pass rate of 15%…yes 15% over 3 years… 169 practical tests only a dismal 26 passes. Can you believe it! Why would pupils pay for training from this driving instructor. 

Due to the data protection act the D.S.A do not publish individual driving instructors pass rates and to be frank I am of the opinion that pass rates can fluctuate from test centre to test centre also some instructors may have a difficult to train pupil base, for example more than their fair share of nervous pupils, however after reading this article I have to wonder what is going on with this ADI’s  training methods.

I think the moral of the story is that  when pupils choose a driving instructor the pupils should ask around their friends and choose an instructor on pass rate, friendliness, patience and professionalism and remember that a green badge in the window is not an assurance of any of these.

With Clever Instruction you will be coached through your driver training by a friendly, professional driving instructor who maintains a high pass rate.

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